Why Choose A Life Coach?

It is no coincidence that you landed here. You are someone who wants more out of your life, and yet it feels maddeningly out of reach. At times you wonder if you’ll ever make that leap. I am here to tell you YOU GOT THIS!

Welcome! My name is Sarah Sedcole and I am an experienced life coach who will show you how to close that gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

At some point in our lives, most of us feel paralyzed by tough challenges like a lack of direction, anxiety, divorce, job transition, loss of confidence, an unhealthy lifestyle. Now with the global pandemic amongst us, anxious thoughts and fatigue are commonplace. Whether you are mourning the loss of the life we had or excited to create something new these are interesting times and coaching can help.

Ask yourself, has there ever been a better time to focus on what truly brings you happiness? Time is our most precious commodity. So don’t settle for anything less than child-like, exuberant joy that doesn’t rely on external circumstances.

Most meaningful life changes come about either because we are inspired or we hit a wall. Use this time now as a springboard to a happier, authentic life.

If we are to make changes in our lives first we need to calm the swirling thoughts in our mind. Once the mind finds peace then we can tap into our vision.

Making changes in our lives is hard to do alone, but coaching stacks the deck in your favour.

My field of expertise is positive psychology, mindset work, and hypnosis. I coach both the conscious and unconscious mind.

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”  Albert Einstein

You will get clear direction and unwavering support. That is my promise to you.

Don’t waste time and money on stuff that doesn’t work. Call me now for a free assessment.


Hello, and a Warm Welcome!

My name is Sarah Sedcole and I am a highly experienced Life Coach, Hypnotist and Transition Coach. I combine skill, instinct, and structured support with the science of coaching to help you enrich your life. Having coached individuals for 12 years, I know it is both my purpose and my passion. I draw from a breadth of training in coaching, positive psychology, NLP, hypnosis as well as hands-on life experience.

Why choose me as your life coach? Because I will help you get unstuck and happier. I have extensive training, great instincts and because I have been there myself. I’ve experienced job transition, moving countries, marriage, divorce, changing careers, raising two children while simultaneously building my own business. As a result, I get where you are now. And I get how to make your journey forward fun and rewarding.

Coaching stacks the deck of life in your favour. It acts as a catalyst to move you past doubts and fears so you can see clearly and take the steps you need. It also provides a scaffolding of support.  If only 10% of life is determined by actual circumstances, and 90% how you respond to them, let’s ace your internal guidance system.

Some of the common challenges I help individuals with are stress, anxiety, career success, changing jobs, relationship challenges, divorce, lack of confidence, depression, midlife crisis, and grief. My appointments are one-to-one coaching sessions customized to suit your needs.

Contact me now for a quick chat and free assessment of how I can best help you.

Sarah’s Little Life Lines

‘Sarah’s Little Life Lines’ is a collection of tips, thoughts and musings on everyday things we bump into. In each Life Line I take on a theme that has popped up for me recently, or where I have come across new research in the field, and then share some insights into how best to manage it. Topics vary from how to outsmart your inner procrastinator, to dealing with passive-aggressive behaviour, or getting through a tough day. In addition, they are designed to be brief, fun to read, always include 3 Tips, and are illustrated with a beautiful photograph.

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