Why Choose A Life Coach?

Wishing you a warm welcome! My name is Sarah Sedcole and I am an experienced life coach whose personal mission is to make your precious time on this planet substantially better.

How? By helping you identify and focus your time on thoughts and behaviours that will create the shifts you desire.

I believe it is no coincidence that you landed here. You have come to a point in your life where your desire to make some changes feels tangible, and yet the solution seems maddeningly out of reach. You are not alone, and whatever is keeping you stuck coaching will help you break free.

With a global pandemic sweeping across our world over the last months, many of us have found our priorities have changed.

Our world is in flux. Ask yourself, has there ever been a better time to look inside with compassion, and focus on what truly brings you happiness?

Most meaningful shifts come about because we are inspired, challenged, or we hit a wall. Wherever you are at, you have an opportunity now to use this time as a springboard and re-define how you choose to live your life.

It’s hard to make changes alone. You have to identify the first step, shift your mindset, be consistent, and follow through to completion. A personal coach makes the difference between success and failure by helping you:

  • identify your first step
  • shift your mindset
  • be consistent
  • feel supported as you follow through to completion
  • make sure you have some fun along the way!

I promise you clear direction and unwavering support.

Call me now for your free assessment so I can tailor the best approach for you


Hello, and a Warm Welcome!

My name is Sarah Sedcole and I am a highly experienced Life Coach, Hypnotist and Transition Coach. I draw from a breadth of training in coaching, positive psychology, NLP, hypnosis as well as hands-on life experience. Working with me you will find a warm supportive personality with great instincts and an impressive skillset.

Having coached individuals for 12 years I know it is both my purpose and my passion.

My Coaching Style

  • The unique technique I have developed works as a highly effective catalyst.
  • In addition to my extensive training, I have most likely been there myself. I’ve experienced job transition, moving countries, marriage, divorce, changing careers, raising two children while simultaneously building my own business
  • I get where you are now and promise not to waste your time and money. This stuff works!

Some of the common challenges I help individuals with are stress, anxiety, relationship challenges, divorce, focus, job transition, confidence, mild depression, midlife crisis, and grief. My appointments are one-to-one coaching sessions customized to suit your needs.

Contact me now for a free assessment and to see how I can best help you.

Sarah’s Little Life Lines

‘Sarah’s Little Life Lines’ is a collection of tips, thoughts and musings on everyday things we bump into. In each Life Line I take on a theme that has popped up for me recently, or where I have come across new research in the field, and then share some insights into how best to manage it. Topics vary from how to outsmart your inner procrastinator, to dealing with passive-aggressive behaviour, or getting through a tough day. In addition, they are designed to be brief, fun to read, always include 3 Tips, and are illustrated with a beautiful photograph.

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