Coaching is a partnership between two people. In this section, I give you a sense of who I am as a person and how I work as a life coach for women. You will find it a good starting point for getting to know me better so you can comfortably decide if this is the right partnership for you.

Sarah’s Training

I am a very experienced Professional Life Coach who has been working with women for over 10 years.  A fully trained coach and hypnotherapist I have a rich and eclectic wealth of training and experience and a life-long love of learning. I have a BSc in Anthropology and Psychology, my coach training is through the ICF accredited Adler International School in Toronto, and my hypnosis training is Ericksonian. of this training and experience is directed to the thing I value most: helping others lead happier lives.

My form of coaching draws much from the field of positive psychology, cognitive behavioural therapy and the latest in coaching techniques. I work with women’s strengths and help them to see a fresh perspective and new choices. My personal style is engaging, insightful, fun and compassionate. People have told me I have a laser-like instinct for what they most need to shift them forward.

Story So Far

Like many of you, my story so far has had its ups and downs. If my life were likened to the sea I have experienced conditions ranging from choppy, to squalls coming out of nowhere, calm periods of great beauty and exhilarating times of high winds.Through these challenges and successes, I learned tools that help me be unshakeably happy whatever is going on in my life. Once you have that foundation in place anything is possible.

I have been through many transitions: job changes (publishing to marketing to advertising), marriage, moved continents, had children, been an at-home Mum, experienced divorce, created my own coaching business. Before I moved to Canada I worked for large companies and agencies in my native country, the UK. Back then I never imagined I would end up with my own business. I love my work because I get to help women change their lives on their own terms. I am deeply grateful for being allowed to share in their journey.


I really ‘get’ transitions; the challenges, the discomfort, the resources you need to draw on to move through them. The difference between success and failure is often as simple as a fresh perspective.

It is the combination of my formal training and the learning from profound life changes that I gained the raw materials to effectively help others. Looking back it seems like all of my life experiences were there for a reason and ultimately led me to the work I do today. Wouldn’t it be nice to get to the gift without the messy wrapping paper of life sometimes!

I live with my two grown kids and an adopted dog all of which keep me busy and happy. When I work with clients I always get to know what their values are so it only seems fair that you know mine. I value kindness above all else. I thrive in nature and am always happy when out with my dog and my camera. I value friendships, family, connection and community. I believe that an active body supports a healthy mind so I play tennis, go to the gym and walk as much as possible.  A passionate reader I can lose myself happily in a good book (especially if I am reading it on a beach somewhere!). Art feeds my soul and when I’m in London seeing family nothing makes me happier than wandering around the many art galleries.

Today I do more of what I love and worry less about obstacles. This formula seems to work as it powers me through challenges that pop up. And let’s face it life is so much more fun that way!

Change is the only constant. We can’t control it but we can shape how we respond. It is your experience of each moment, the way you frame it and the choices you make next that matter.

Every decision we make has the power to change our future. That is our power.

What I Love to Do

I use coaching to help women bridge the gap between where they are now and where they want to be.

How? By combining the science of coaching with a very human approach. This keeps you on track and supports you as you make the deeper changes.

You have a unique contribution to make, and dreams to nurture. Let’s make them happen now!

If you are serious about making changes in your life take that first step please get in touch. We can schedule a chat, assess your needs and sketch out a plan.