There are different ways in which we can work together. This ranges from individual sessions, to my breakthrough Shift Accelerator program designed to achieve results effortlessly and fast.

For guidance on which approach would be best for you please don’t hesitate to email me to set up a free consultation.

The Shift Accelerator

The breakthrough 8-week programme that creates lasting change, effortlessly and fast.



Whether it’s anxiety, lack of focus, boundaries, confidence, a problematic relationship, dating, fear of public speaking, social anxiety, or whatever it is that is keeping you stuck, you don’t need to continue to struggle. 

At the end of 8 weeks you will have made a massive impact on this thing that means so much to you. You will have shifted ingrained habits and behaviours, and gained profound insights leading to fresh perspectives across many areas of your life. 

These far-reaching changes will unleash a remarkably happier, more confident, focused version of you. Life is clearer, lighter, like nothing can hold you back.

Working with Sarah has made a profound impact on my life. So much so that in just two weeks I’ve achieved more than I have in 2 years!” Steph Caruthers

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Does any of this sound familiar?

Right now there’s something you want to change; a habit, a thought pattern, a situation at work or in your personal life… but you’ve got stuck.

What’s worked for you in the past is not working to crack this problem. And you’re ending up going round in circles, maybe finding yourself thinking about it in spare moments (maybe every spare moment!)

Even the best of us can get to this point some times, and it’s pretty damn frustrating.



The funny thing is other people might look at your life or your career or business and only see the good stuff. They might even be jealous. But you know that things can be even better – and you want that.

Since you’re someone who likes to solve problems you’ve tried some stuff out – you’ve read the books, tried apps but they only take you so far. Perhaps you’ve tried therapy or at least considered it but it takes a long time and sometimes feels like it is going anywhere fast; it’s not finding you a solution.

That’s why I created The Shift Accelerator with its unique mix of hypnotherapy, neuroscience, visualisation, and postural work. Combined in this way they are designed to make a large and lasting change. This system works in such a way as to achieve results without the struggle we normally associate with changing habits.

What this means is at the and of 8 weeks you will have made a dramatic shift in that area of your life that means so much to you. 

I love her attitude, her attention and her intuition. She obviously loves doing the work and is very skilful. I always felt a deep sense of trust with her, and therefore with the process. It was positive, empowering and surprising in many ways. Changes seemed to happen organically and fast. I would recommend working with Sarah 100%” Lynn Walden

I’ve been helping people make big improvements to their lives for 15 years. Ever curious to explore the latest innovations in my field I have consistently expanded my expertise. I address directly both the conscious (coaching), and subconscious mind (hypnotherapy). I also use my somatic training because our bodies play such an important role in what we hold on to.

I have worked in depth with over a hundred clients including therapists, leading coaches, influencers, athletes, entrepreneurs as well as students and stay-at-home-Moms and Dads.

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How It Works

The Shift Accelerator combines elements in such a way that the impact of the whole is substantially larger than the sum of its parts. 

We kick-off with a psychometric character strengths assessment, review and personalised steps to take to leverage your strengths and level up your weaknesses. From the outset you will discover that some of those things you had thought of as a weakness are actually strengths when used in the right way.  

Then we dive deeper with weekly 1:1 hypnotherapy sessions accompanied by exercises and mechanisms to align your subconscious beliefs with your desired outcome. This particular combination has proven highly effective in disbanding self-sabotaging habits.

Using this breakthrough method you will put an end to previously repeating problems, and gain insights that lead to fresh perspectives across many aspects of your life. And all the while you will gently but effectively rewire your mindset so you can operate at peak levels.

“Sarah has great insight and uses that to help shift my perspective just enough for me to come to realizations I might not have come to on my own. Her ability to make me look at things in even a slightly different way never ceases to amaze me and it’s something I’m picking up how to do myself… She’s a great listener, empathetic and has a fantastic sense of humour, which is always so appreciated… truly, the changes that she’s helped me to bring to fruition are numerous and varied” Julie M

Why is it so effective? 

  • It fundamentally shifts your perspective through insights gained
  • Allows you to seed your desired outcome in the fertile ground of your subconscious mind while you are in your most resourceful, relaxed state
  • Sends signals throughout your body to reinforce the change
  • Connects you to read and be guided by your instincts in such a way as to keep you on track going forward

The change you create will be uniquely shaped by you to your personal blueprint.


In Addition You Will Learn

  • The 2 second action you can take that will instantly reduce your tension and start to alter your brain chemistry
  • 3 tips to counteract the Quantum Zeno effect and remove mental inertia
  • How to stop self-sabotage with this simple linguistic switch that effectively redirects the subconscious mind to your desired outcome
  • Learn how to activate your inner GPS (your reticular activating system) so you have clarity around decision-making and know which steps to take next
  • Instantly boost your confidence with this postural move

Learn self-hypnosis so you can have easy access to that relaxing subconscious state


Q. Maybe you are wondering if this is all too good to be true?

A. I get it. Can something that quick really be effective? It sounds too good to be true. The answer is yes, it can be. The magic is in the way it is all put together for you. Just as a calculated few degrees shift in a flight pattern can make a huge difference to the destination, or a correctly applies lever can shift a disproportionately large weight, so a carefully constructed program can result in lasting change effectively and fast. 

Q. Can something be effortless but still work?

A. Whilst it is true that like most things in life you have to commit to get results working with the subconscious mind makes this approach feel effortless. It feels like the difference between swimming against a current (working with the conscious mind) versus going with it and redirecting your course. 

Q. You mentioned hypnotherapy as part of this; what if I can’t be hypnotised?

A. You may be surprised to learn that you have almost certainly been in a trance once or a few times today already. For instance, you go down a familiar route and lose track of time. Or you are out for a run/bike ride/swim and you feel in the zone. When your mind wanders during a conversation. Or you’re watching a movie and so completely absorbed you get startled when something happens.

I was so surprised at how easy this all felt. It wasn’t what I expected. Not that I knew what to expect. A week goes by and I don’t always notice it at the time but what we talked about the week before just kind of magically happened and here I am” Karen Stokes

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By the end of 8 weeks of the Shift Accelerator

  • You will have dealt with that problem once and for all, and vastly improved that area of your life that is so important to you
  • Be prepared to experience positive knock-on effects across other areas of your life
  • You will have learnt to tune into your inner guidance system to make better decisions every time
  • Your thinking patterns will be rewired for lasting change
  • Take away a complete set of tools for managing your habits, your thinking, and your mood
  • Walk away feeling lighter, empowered and massively more confident. Now you’ve made this change what else is possible?


Why Commit Now?

  • How long have you been dealing with this problem and feeling stuck? For many of my clients it is months, if not years.
  • What is the impact of it on your health, your relationships, even your finances? 
  • How much would it be worth to you solve this problem and take your life, your health or your career to the next level?
  • What is the cost to your quality of life if this continues, or becomes worse?
  • Clients have often been in therapy for many years before they see me. This typically costs anywhere from $3-8,000 + per year. In one extreme case I had a client who had been in therapy for 50 years, and though it was helpful, the work we did together made a bigger impact on her particular issues (panic attacks) than all the work done before.
  • I want to get you results in 8 weeks, and for a limited time the price is just $1,850


This is an intensive programme in terms of my involvement so I can only take on a handful of people at any one time. I also want to make sure that you are a good candidate for the work so nobody wastes their time or money. So I’m asking you, does this sound right for you? Do you want to make that change now? And are you curious to find out more? If so let’s find a time to chat. You can book your free 15 minute consult here. 


Individual sessions

Aside from The Shift Accelerator I also still offer individual sessions for those of you who want to make tweaks or stay on track.



Are you ready to take the first step to change your life now?  I invite you to contact me and set up free 15 minute call to see if this might be the answer you have been looking for. Simply email me to set up a time.

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