I am often asked what kinds of issues I help people with as a life coach. Here I expand on a selection of common challenges and offer some insights and tips that help.


Stress and anxiety are two of the most common issues we struggle with. The problem is that we are so good at coping we often carry on with our lives until we hit a wall.

If you are living with constantly high levels of stress it will take its toll on your health, your sleep, your spirits, and your ability to connect with others. For some, it can lead to midlife crisis. For others an overhanging sense of sadness, intolerable anxiety and tooth-grinding at night.

Over the years I have developed a number of tools that soothe anxiety and neutralize stress. Once you learn these tools you have them for life.

You may be very good at coping, but at what cost?  .

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We spend much of our lives in one form or another in the workplace. It is a hugely important arena for our sense of self and our overall happiness. If your work doesn’t align with what you love doing and what you are good at that’s a problem.

The world around us is changing fast and has led to a huge shift in the kinds of jobs needed, required and desired. It is a time of great opportunity but as yet there is no road-map that will guide you through it.

Coaching gives helps you get clear on your next move. It gives you confidence, boosts your inner resources, and helps keep you focused each step.

When looking to make a job transition there are some tried and trusted ways to ace it:

  • Identify clearly your unique strengths and abilities and learn how to leverage them

  • Get really clear on your goal

  • Fire up your motivation and confidence

  • Give you the tools you need to remove obstacles

  • Structure a path forward, keep you on track and support you all the way


“In our time working together I managed to re-balance my crazy sleep-deprived stressful life and rediscover who I was. I faced down my fears and switched to a job I love.”


There are points in one’s life that are pivotal. The decision to stay in your marriage, or get divorced is one of them.

Either decision as an impact many lives. Of all the reasons to choose to partner with a life coach, I would put this one right up there. Having an outside perspective who can help you unlock the answers you need to reach the right decision for you is invaluable not only for you but for everyone involved.

If the decision is to recommit then there is an opportunity to take this relationship to a whole new level.

If the decision is to divorce there are ways of navigating it that can ease the process and transform your life for the better.

Often the biggest hurdle is making a decision at all.

This time of transition, difficult though it is, can lead to finding your unique voice in the world.

Some of the most common challenges I have helped people in this situation are:

  • How to come to a decision on whether to stay or leave

  • Recommiting and firing new life into the marriage

  • Find a compassionate way of ‘uncoupling’

  • Taking care of the kids’ needs as well as your own

  • Support through the process of divorce itself

  • How to transition to a new and exciting life with strong relationships with yourself and others

  • Sustaining your confidence through the inevitable ups and downs

  • How to co-parent in times of divorce

Coaching is a tremendous resource for someone at a pivotal point in their relationship. You are no longer alone in this. I will support you through your journey.

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As Tony Robbins once said,

“Most people have no idea of the giant capacity we can immediately command when we focus all our resources on mastering a single area of our lives.”

Achieving sustained focus is a challenge. Some of us just seem predisposed to succumb to multiple distractions. For others, it is a question of not having mastered techniques to combat the ever powerful, all-reaching tentacles of social media and technology which compete for our attention.

There are many wonderful qualities that you alone possess, even though you lack focus at times. You are great at coming up with alternative solutions, fabulous at generating ideas, you can brainstorm…with yourself…for hours! As Seneca said,

“To be everywhere is to be nowhere.”

When pulled in every direction you stay in the same spot. Achieving focus moves you toward your goal.

Do any of these resonate with you?

  • You may be a genius at creating ideas, but not so great at following through.

  • Is it hard identifying the next step to take?

  • You find yourself often starting on projects but only half completing or abandoning them for the next shiny idea?

  • Do you have a creeping sense of paranoia about making the ‘right choice’, or limiting options, that ends up paralysing you into inaction?

  • It is hard for you to turn your attention away from social media?

  • You crave simplicity and a sense of achievement?

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“What I love about Sarah is she is a gifted coach with great instincts, but also she brings fun and warmth to each session. She is my personal cheerleader!”


As we grow up we take on behaviours and habits to help us interact with others and navigate life. At their root, most stem from a desire for acceptance and approval, a fear of shame and at its most basic a need for survival.

Phobias often can be traced back to the latter and become hugely magnified.

Habits come from repeated behaviours. When we repeat things often enough they can become automatic.That would be great if we could always choose which habits and thoughts we want to keep and which have outlived their usefulness.

Certain knee-jerk responses become outdated and hold us back.  Here are a few examples:

  • A debilitating fear of public speaking or social events

  • A need to control things

  • An almost paralysing fear of change

  • Resistance to getting close to someone in case you get hurt

  • Not wanting to fail, so not leaving your comfort zone

  • Repeating a pattern in a relationship

  • Eating, or drinking for comfort

  • A fear of water/spiders/heights/flying/needles/cats that has become a phobia

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As a lifestyle coach, I help people achieve a healthy mind and body.

Our mind and body are intricately connected.

If something in our body is off it affects our mental state. If something in our mind is off-balance our body will tell us. Getting our bodies moving and our minds quiet leads to a happier healthier lifestyle.

We have become used to looking at physical ailments and treating the symptoms but there is a way to deeper more lasting health. Creating a lifestyle that supports a healthy mind and body is a core value of mine.

So why is it so very difficult to actually follow through when we know the benefits?

Change often triggers an inner voice to speak up in protest. We tend to believe it and then we stay stuck.

Don’t despair! It is easier than you think to counter that inner gremlin and achieve what had once seemed impossible.

Partnering with a professional lifestyle coach you will:

  • Define your goal and your blocks

  • Find a plan that excites you

  • Guarantee early successes so you get a taste of the end result quickly

  • Learn mindset and physical tips to manage hormonal ups and downs

  • Notice and power through any negative narratives that come up

  • Stay motivated. The process is enjoyable so the changes stick

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Having a sense that your life has purpose gives deep fulfilment. This is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself.

Coaching provides the tools and insights needed to tap in to your inner compass and uncover your unique contribution.

For some people, this is a specific calling. For many others, it is following a path that aligns with your particular strengths, values and passions.

This area is a particular passion of mine. I have worked with a multitude people and seen their lives transform as they align their actions with a new direction.

I call it living out loud, and it feels great!

Do you want to be driven by your past, or pulled toward your future?

How does coaching help you find your life purpose?

  • By honing in on the things in life you are naturally drawn toward

  • Identifying your unique character strengths and values using guided questions and assessments

  • Figuring out what makes you tick and why

  • Using visualisation to touch on the wisdom of your future self

  • Uncovering and neutralising blocks and inner narratives that have made you doubt yourself and held you back

  • Helping you to start living out your purpose now as your unique path unfolds


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