ELDOA - Sarah Sedcole


ELDOA was invented by a French osteopath, Guy Voyer, to alleviate back and joint pain and strengthen the body. It is a form of exercise that creates space in the body.

I have always believed in mind-body connection. Over the years I had been looking for a physical modality that has global postural benefits. In 2017 I came across ELDOA and knew this was it. Having completed the certification I now offer it in addition to my other services.

ELDOA uses a combination of low-impact movement, deep myofascial stretching and carefully constructed poses. It alleviates chronic and acute back and joint pain, improves posture, and helps to soothe anxiety.

It is something that anyone can do. And the benefits exceed any other form of exercise I have tried.

ELDOA - Sarah Sedcole

Major benefits of ELDOA are:

  • a higher level of self-awareness

  • improved posture

  • a decrease in joint an back pain

  • more flexibility and mobility

  • an increase in body awareness

  • a stronger, leaner body

  • a decrease in anxiety

  • a sense of calm

  • better sports performance

For those of you that have never enjoyed exercise but recognize its’ value this could be for you. I have had a number of clients who have been resistant to other forms of exercise and have become hooked on ELDOA.

For more seasoned athletes you will be amazed at how your body feels after a session. We don’t just stretch muscles but also the myofascial layers, and the resultant effects are profound. You will also find your body is stronger and moves better.

This practice increases body awareness, and a surprising consequence is a desire to take good care your body and nourish it in a healthy way. I have seen countless clients come in for one reason (eg back or joint pain or desire to exercise) but have ended up losing weight.


“What I love about Sarah is she is a gifted coach with great instincts, but also she brings fun and warmth to each session. She is my personal cheerleader!”