The coaching process is a well researched, proven method of getting results.

Why? Because it has a solid foundation of scientifically based training, effective tools all combined with a bunch of human skills that together build the confidence and self-belief you need to power you through the deeper changes.

It sheds light on what has been holding you back and gives you the tools to fix it once and for all.

As someone summed it up for me once “If you want to play a sport exceptionally well you get a coach. The same goes for life.”

The kinds of results you can expect to achieve:

  • profound insights and a higher level of self-awareness

  • massively more confident

  • a re-balanced life, dropping the elements that don’t work and adding the ones you want

  • setting aspirational goals

  • soothe anxiety

  • improved quality of life

Coaching achieves results. Contact me now for a chat to see how it can help you.


Right now there’s something you want to change; a habit, a thought pattern, a situation at work or in your personal life… but you’ve got stuck.

What’s worked for you in the past is not working to crack this problem.

The funny thing is other people might look at your life or your career or business and only see the good stuff. They might even be jealous. But you know that things can be even better – and you want that.

Judging from past experience its not unusual to expect that the reason you have hit your personal wall is hidden in plain sight.

I have honed a technique that works in such a way as will achieve results without the struggle we normally associate with changing habits. 

Coaching with me will help you achieve any of the following … and more:

  • a deeply held sense of confidence and self-esteem

  • transforming stress and anxiety, toxic habits, phobias and panic attacks in to a peaceful balanced life

  • get in shape, mentally and physically so you enjoy more of what life has to offer

  • finding the perfect career/relationship/life balance for you

  • define your personal boundaries and practice living by them

  • move successfully, and as painlessly as possible through divorce, career change, mid-life crisis or any major life transition.

My underlying belief is that closing the gap between where you are, and where you want to be is easier than you think. It starts with a first step and that changes everything.

Why am I so confident I can deliver the results you want? Because I coach your whole mind; not only your conscious but your subconscious mind. This means the positive benefits will kick in faster and integrate at deeper levels. If you would like to know more about how coaching works Contact me now

To set up your free assessment YES, LETS CHAT or see Coaching Services.


“What I love about Sarah is she is a gifted coach with great instincts, but also she brings fun and warmth to each session. She is my personal cheerleader!”