Hypnosis is an extremely useful and versatile tool which helps people across a variety of issues. It is entirely natural, relaxing and safe.

Hypnosis can be defined as an altered state of awareness. When in this state you have access to more of your own resources.

In this way you can gently unlock and resolve long-held issues. Or deepen strengths naturally and easily.

Everybody has experienced this trance-like state. The difference is when using hypnosis to help with something you are harnessing the power of the theta state as a sort of personal GPS toward your goal.

Guided visualization, deep relaxation techniques and focused attention are all used to gently induce this state. Once there you will find your busy conscious mind quiets down allowing you to engage your unconscious, or subconscious mind. It feels wonderful. Like a spa for the mind!


Hypnosis is a powerful ally. It is relaxing, effective, and puts you in control.

It is a valuable tool that can be used either in conjunction with coaching, for deep relaxation or for the deeper work.

There is a great deal of misunderstanding and mystique around hypnosis. Simply put hypnosis is about reaching an altered state of awareness. This allows you easier access to insights and solutions.

You can’t look at an issue in the same way when you are relaxed, and that helps you find solutions you had never seen before. It is a fabulous method for getting unstuck from ‘stickier’ patterns of behaviour. And it is great for helping with all kinds of issues from problematic patterns of sleep, deeply held habits or addictions (like nail-biting or smoking), anxiety, weight-loss, and relationship challenges.


How often do we find ourselves doing things automatically, without thinking? This can be useful:. imagine if we had to learn how to drive every time we stepped into a car, or learn to read again every time we looked at a book!

However, we can also all think of times when that unconscious automatic response does not work well, and we bump into the same problem again and again.

Hypnosis can find the triggers and change the outcome seemingly effortlessly.


So what is an ‘altered state of awareness’? We experience them all the time. Think back to when you last lost track of time while driving, or reading, or floated off somewhere in final relaxation in a yoga class, or when you were daydreaming, or got in to the zone running or going for a walk in the woods. Those are all examples of an altered state.

Working with hypnosis means ‘catching’ or inducing that state with an intention. When in trance you can access more of your own resources, make multiple connections simultaneously, see things from a different angle, all in an accelerated way. In so doing you can quickly and easily change old behaviours and find new solutions.


Our mind is infinitely resourceful. It can be divided into two parts: our conscious and subconscious mind.

Our conscious mind is like the tip of an iceberg. It holds on average of 7 plus or minus 2 things at a time; fewer still when we are anxious or sleep-deprived. No wonder we find it so hard to think straight when we are tired or stressed!

Our subconscious mind is what lies beneath, all the rest, and it is vast and infinitely resourceful. It takes care of everything from automatic processes like breathing and healing to memories, perception, motivation. When in an altered state, a state of trance, you can access your unconscious mind with all of those resources simply and easily. You can be more of yourself.


The simple answer is any time for anything (for more please see Common Challenges). However, some clients prefer to stick to coaching alone, whilst others are drawn to hypnosis in addition. Either way works. The cool thing about hypnosis is that because our unconscious minds are 0.5 seconds ahead of our conscious minds you as a client can really be in the driving seat when in a state of trance, and from that place can see things more clearly, and change patterns of thinking more readily. It also has the benefit of being deeply relaxing, like a spa for the mind.

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