“Life is full of surprises. And I must say this was a wonderful surprise! I came not knowing what to expect; I’m leaving with a better sense of self… Thank you for such a wonderful experience.” – Karen H


“A great journey in London with wonderful guidance from you two. Thank you for these incredible 5 days in the beautiful city. I enjoyed being a “flaneuse” and getting a teste of a different city + Mindfulness + Awareness….And peace in beautiful hidden corners.  will remember the quietness of the inner Temple. Thank you for everything. The ELDOA was really amazing!” – Geneviève


“You made this week a magical one for all of us. You are both sensitive, attentive, generous. Loved the “Eldoa”, the meditative walks, loved the London Experience”. – Michèle


“Thank you so much for all the beautiful memories I have of my first trip in London AND with my daughter. Everything was so well thought out and planned. Marvellous!” – Karen P


“What an adventure!! I’m so happy that my first trip out of North America was with a group of such brilliant, kind, and fun women! This trip was the inspiration I needed to keep me going at school. I will always remember the beauty and fascination of this amazing place. Thank you to all of you for making it special. Hope to see you all again on the next adventure.” – Holly


“On the path to serenity… Thank you for waking our senses to all around us, a new deeper way of looking at the world. Daily stretching brought comfort back to our aching bodies.So may discoveries all over London. This was a wonderful experience.” – Louise Anne


“What a wonderful journey and week away <3 so needed and special time for all. You both have done an amazing job – from the reflections, to Eldoa and the daily outings into glorious London, a true sensory experience at every level – mind, body and spirit. Thank you for all that you do to bring people to places they wouldn’t ordinarily go :)” – Jen


“My favourite novel in the whole world, ‘I capture the castle’ ends with Cassandra Montmair Whitney “ I love you, I love you, I love you.” Ofcourse she’s just a teenager and her heart has been broken. I’m 56 and my heart has been rewoken. So its a different kind of love – one of gratitude and calm. Thank you for providing a space in which old, tender memories have returned, small beauty have made their impression on me, and the inherent myriad of being human cloaks me in comforting  why and undefinable world. That was mush and long-winded but there you go. Well done.” – Anne