Iam grateful to have worked with so many inspiring clients over the years. Coaching is a partnership which leads to transformations of all kinds. I feel privileged to work in a field which I love and in which I learn something new every day. Below are a few exerts from testimonials clients have been kind enough to send in:


“Sarah helped me move through a dark period of my life. Her instinctive sense of what lay beneath and her warm supportive nature was instrumental in getting me to the happier, healthier place I am now in”


“In our time working together I managed to re-balance my crazy sleep-deprived stressful life and rediscover who I was. I faced down my fears and switched to a job I love.”


“What I love about Sarah is she is a gifted coach with great instincts, but also she brings fun and warmth to each session. She is my personal cheerleader!”


“I would highly recommend Sarah as a coach. She has a way of helping you discover insights about what is blocking you and she kept me accountable and on track as I completed my MBA”


“Sarah has great insight and uses that to help shift my perspective just enough for me to come to realizations I might not have come to on my own. Her ability to make me look at things in even a slightly different way never ceases to amaze me and it’s something I’m picking up how to do myself.”


“I just wanted to … let you know how very useful I found our session….
I am not sure that I can articulate fully but immediately I felt a change, I feel…well, more cheerful, a little lighter and a little brighter. I had clearer dreams, a deeper trust in my intuition and have already taken steps to change a situation that intuitively I felt was no longer working for me. What a gift.”