“Just as the hand, held before the eye, can hide the tallest mountains, so the routine of everyday life can keep us from seeing the vast radiance and the secret wonders that fill the world.”

Nachman of Breslov

This is your invitation to leave the dull routine of everyday life behind and step into the extraordinary realm hidden in plain sight on the streets of London. Discover a sense of wonder as you get to know this extraordinary city and see it through fresh eyes. What a wonderful place to imagine and set into motion new possibilities for your life.

“Thank you for waking our senses to all around us, a new and deeper way of looking at the world… So many discoveries all over London. This was a wonderful experience.” Geneviève

London is an ancient city built up layer upon layer over centuries. It is a crossroads where cultures converge, where old meets new and where discoveries await around every corner.

A fashion mecca London is also a feast for all the senses. Walking on the streets is to connect with hundreds of years of history. And strolling through the plentiful green spaces in the very centre of the city nourishes the spirit.

You’ll join a small group of women. A beautiful townhouse in Belgravia will be your home away from home. From here we will make daily forays out to London’s palaces, gardens, galleries, markets, alleyways, waterways, eccentric collections and hidden curiosities.

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The London Experience

This experience is unique. Co-created in 2019 with Darlene Chrissley it has been carefully crafted and curated by a Brit who called London home for many years. My name is Sarah Sedcole, and I will be your host and guide. I have a life-long love affair with this city, and with personal transformation. This retreat is the culmination of all things that I have come to cherish. I would love to share them, and my favourite city in the world with you.

This year we will be a small group of women. The program is designed to give each woman a truly magical, life-enhancing and fun experience. In addition to getting to know London intimately, you will learn how to fire up your inner compass to guide you toward experiencing a meaningful life full of wonder.

Whether you are coming for a break, a personal breakthrough or to have an immersive experience in London this is for you.

“The trip was well organized and you made us feel pampered and at home….(I took  home) a heightened sense of awareness and I find myself going back to bits and pieces of it. (I look) at things differently when exploring, even during a vacation after the London trip; taking it in with more focus and purpose…Mostly I enjoyed a sense of peacefulness in spite of bustling and touristy London. Remarkable!” Louise

My wish is to offer you 6 days of exploration that will transform how you see London, and yourself.

“You made this week a magical one for all of us.” Michèle

Dates for The London Experience


The retreat is structured in such a way as to give you organized activities and time to yourselves. There will be 5 days of forays into favourite areas of London, late afternoons and evenings to do as you choose and a full bonus day at the end for your own exploration. Each day we will stretch our bodies and reflect on the day ahead before we set out. I will be on hand to ensure you all have the best possible time.


Our home base will be a gorgeous house in the heart of exclusive Belgravia. This is the perfect hopping off spot for our adventures many of which are walking distance away. Central and well connected by transit, Buckingham Palace, The Mall, The Houses of Parliament, King’s Road, Westminster Abbey, the Tate Gallery, Physic Garden, National Gallery are all within easy striking distance by foot. There are neighbourhood markets, some great pubs and local restaurants on our doorstep. This is also the place where this week away was conceived.

The house itself has a beautiful large living area where we can relax or do yoga, ELDOA and stretches. It has plenty of space to chill, read or talk, with a large kitchen, terrace, sitting room, garden and well-appointed bedrooms. It’s situated close to cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, delicatessens, a public gym with a pool, and close to the River Thames, Hyde Park and St. James Park (great for any of you runners!). It is very near the Victoria overground and underground station, Pimlico underground, a 15-minute walk to Sloane Square and only 10 minutes to Buckingham Palace. 

Your Host and Guide

Sarah Sedcole

Sarah Sedcole has been coaching women for over 10 years, helping them harness the power of the subconscious mind to create lasting shifts that open new possibilities. Curious, eclectic and expansive by nature, her classically trained coaching approach has evolved to include positive psychology, hypnosis, guided visualization, meditation, various NLP tools and most recently she has become Soma certified as a physical trainer in ELDOA.

Sarah has observed that the biggest insights and breakthroughs don’t usually come from trying to figure everything out logically. They come instead when we least expect it: when life throws us a curve ball or when we step away from the familiar way of looking at something and see if from a fresh perspective. And finding paths toward life goals come from creating an intention and then allowing our experience to illuminate the way forward.

Born in the UK Sarah lived in London for many years. Her passion for the city has only grown over time. There is little that makes her happier than sharing her favourite spots with others.

Last year’s adventure was considered a huge success by each of the participants. It was also an awful lot of fun! Scroll down or press this link to read what they had to say. It combined an insider’s introduction to London

This year we will combine the best of last year’s experience with fresh forays into this beautiful city. We will also do plenty of walking, stretching and looking at the world around us from a fresh perspective. Come along and join us!

Double Ensuite + Experience

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Double Room + Experience

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Garden Room + Experience

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  • 6 nights accommodation in an elegant Belgravia townhouse
  • 5 days of guided adventure to a different part of the city each day
  • Delicious continental breakfast each morning
  • A welcome dinner together on the first evening and a celebratory cocktail and dinner on the last evening
  • A fully equipped kitchen available for your use
  • Laundry facilities
  • Admission fees for entry to locations included in the daily adventure
  • A pre-loaded travel card for getting around the city on the tube, buses and water-taxis
  • A group session each morning to stretch, create an intention for the day and share tips and insights to get the most out of the day’s adventure
  • A warm setting with garden and terrace to share the experiences of the day
  • Professional coach available to you for informal consultation throughout the week

Not Included

  • Flights
  • Lunches and snacks while out and about and those evening meals not listed
  • Health insurance if needed (can be purchased inexpensively).

Reviews from the 2019 Experience

“Life is full of surprises. And I must say this was a wonderful surprise! I came not knowing what to expect; I’m leaving with a better sense of self. I found it amazing how a group of 10 diverse people can come together in mind and soul in just 5 days. That is due to Darlene and Sarah. Thank you for such a wonderful experience.” – Karen H


“A great journey in London with wonderful guidance from you two. Thank you for these incredible 5 days in the beautiful city. I enjoyed being a “flaneuse” and getting a teste of a different city + Mindfulness + Awareness….And peace in beautiful hidden corners.  will remember the quietness of the inner Temple. Thank you for everything. The ELDOA was really amazing!” – Geneviève


“You both made this week a magical one for all of us. You are both sensitive, attentive, generous. Loved the “Eldoa”, the meditative walks, loved the London Experience”. – Michèle


“Thank you so much for all the beautiful memories I have of my first trip in London AND with my daughter. Everything was so well thought out and planned. Marvellous!” – Karen P


“What an adventure!! I’m so happy that my first trip out of North America was with a group of such brilliant, kind, and fun women! This trip was the inspiration I needed to keep me going at school. I will always remember the beauty and fascination of this amazing place. Thank you to all of you for making it special. Hope to see you all again on the next adventure.” – Holly

Oscar Wilde's Bench
Globe Theatre

“On the path to serenity… Thank you for waking our senses to all around us, a new deeper way of looking at the world. Daily stretching brought comfort back to our aching bodies. So may discoveries all over London. This was a wonderful experience.” – Louise Anne


“What a wonderful journey and week away <3 so needed and special time for all. You have done an amazing job – from the reflections, to Eldoa and the daily outings into glorious London, a true sensory experience at every level – mind, body and spirit. Thank you for all that you do to bring people to places they wouldn’t ordinarily go :)” – Jen


“My favourite novel in the whole world, ‘I capture the castle’ ends with Cassandra Montmair Whitney “ I love you, I love you, I love you.” Of course she’s just a teenager and her heart has been broken. I’m 56 and my heart has been rewoken. So its a different kind of love – one of gratitude and calm. Thank you for providing a space in which old, tender memories have returned, small beauty have made their impression on me, and the inherent myriad of being human cloaks me in comforting  why and undefinable world. That was mush and long-winded but there you go. Well done.” – Anne


To see more photos from last year’s trip go to my instagram page and search for #sarahexploreslondon and #spiritofwonderLondon